Bushfire  Insurance

Do you know if your current policy covers you for bushfires?

Bush Fire Insurance

The summer of 2019/20 was sadly, one of the worst on record for unprecented bushfires.

Having the right type of insurance to protect your property and your assets is more important than ever.

the crisis of underinsurance

Currently its estimated that roughly 50% of householders in Australia are underinsured. Estimates from the Insurance Council of Australia suggest that fourth-fifths of claimants in this bushfire season may find themselves without enough payout to rebuild their homes.

The consequences of underinsurance

People are already experiencing the trauma of losing their home. Many are forced to take on bigger loans, to downsize, or are forced into financial hardship.

The cost of underinsurance means that many people will not be able to rebuild, leaving rural communities vulnerable to further decline as residents leave. This can undermine social cohesion as rural communities lose key people and services.

What can i do?

Get in touch with us today. We are here to help and can determine if your current insurance will cover you in the event of a bushfire.

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