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Business Insurance Central Coast

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Is your business adequately covered if one of your employees makes a mistake that injures a third-party or causes damage to property? What about if you provide advice that leads your client to experience financial loss? Running a business will always come with a series of financial and injury risks—whether that’s to you, your employees, clients or property. Having the right Business Insurance can help to mitigate the financial impact of these risks by providing you with appropriate cover when something goes wrong.

At Coast & Country Insurance Consultants, we help our clients find suitable Business Insurance, so they can go about their business knowing they have appropriate cover. Based in The Entrance, we service clients on the Central Coast and around Australia. Call (02) 4334 3622 to get started.

Business Insurance Central Coast

Understanding Your Risk Profile

Depending on the type and size of business you run, there will be different risk factors associated with your day-to-day operations. Developing a risk profile, helps you understand the type of risks your business is susceptible to, the likelihood one or more of these risks will occur, and the severity of the impact if they do.

At Coast & Country Insurance Consultants, we speak with businesses to understand their risk profile and then recommend the insurances to protect against financial loss in instances where these risks are realised. This includes comparing insurers and policies to provide you with suitable, cost-effective options; and identifying the most appropriate inclusions and policy limits.

Choose From A Range Of Business Insurance Packaging Options

Depending on the nature of your business, we’ll provide you with a range of insurance options including but not limited to:

Property Insurance

Cover for building, stock and contents.

Business Interruption

Insurance coverage that replaces income lost in the event that business is halted due to direct physical loss or damage.

Professional Indemnity

Designed to help businesses that provide a service or advice to clients that could result in financial loss and a subsequent lawsuit.

Public Liability

Mitigates the financial risk of third-party injury, death or property damage as a result of your regular business activities.

Product Liability

Provides cover for financial loss due to third-party injury or damage as a result of products that you manufacture and supply.

Plant & Equipment

Provides cover for financial risk associated with equipment break-down, damage and theft.

Tax Audit

Provides cover against specific costs your business may encounter as a result of responding to a tax audit.

Corporate Travel

Provides coverage for accidents, illness and delays associated with business travel.

Workers Compensation

Provides payment to employees if they suffer an injury at work or become sick because of work.

Commercial Motor

Provides cover for the motoring assets of your business. Available for light and heavy vehicles.

Income Protection

If you’re unable to work for a period of time, income protection could help cover the temporary financial burden and help you meet your commitments.

Marine Insurance

Covers damage to property and goods in transit for unforeseen incidents

A Business Insurance Broker on the Central Coast discussing Insurance Policy Options with a client

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Insurance can be important for businesses to protect against specific forms of financial risk associated with the day-to-day operations. Without appropriate Business Insurance your business may be susceptible to financial claims—from clients, employees or other entities—that if not appropriately covered, could financially cripple your business. Our Insurance brokers & advisors at Coast & Country Insurance Consultants can help you understand your business’s risk profile and recommend appropriate insurance policies. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

Each insurance is designed to cover the financial impact of a specific risk or set of risks that your business may encounter. Because of this, there are exclusions with each policy that may need to be covered by separate insurance/s. For example, Public Liability Insurance may cover financial risk associated with injury to a third-party, but won’t cover injury to your own employees or damages resulting from providing professional advice or services to clients. Depending on your business, a Workers Compensation Policy and Professional Indemnity Insurance may also need to be considered.

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