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Insurance For Your Construction Project

Are you getting ready to undertake a capital works project as a head contractor or subbie? Do your regular business activities involve working on construction sites? Running or operating construction projects means you’ll probably be susceptible to the typical risks associated with job sites. Costly delays due to unexpected events, stolen tools and damaged equipment are all events that occur regularly throughout Australia. Contract Works Insurance can help to offset financial risk associated with specific onsite delays, damages and third-party events.

At Coast & Country Insurance Consultants, we have access to a variety of Contract Works Insurance policies from insurance companies. We provide clients with suitable recommendations based on their business needs. Based in The Entrance, we assist businesses on the Central Coast and in other destinations Australia wide. Call (02) 4334 3622 to discuss your requirements today.

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For Lead Contractors, Tradies & More

Contract Works Insurance (also known as Construction All Risks Insurance) is designed for builders, tradespeople and construction companies who are involved in delivering on construction projects. Whether your business is engaged frequently in this type of work or there’s a one-off project on the horizon, Contract Works Insurance can be designed to suit.

We’ll help you find the right policy to cover your construction-related activities and provide recommendations on additional insurances where you require coverage that’s not included—such as Public Liability, Heavy Motor and Workers Compensation Insurance. Typically construction contracts and financial institutions will require that you have Contract Works Insurance in place before you begin construction or can obtain finance.

Typical Policy Inclusions

Whilst policies vary when it comes to Contract Works Insurance, they’ll typically cover the contractor, sub-contractors and other parties associated with your contracted works—sometimes even material suppliers. Inclusions, limits and sub-limits can include:

And more. Speak with our brokers & advisors today to find the right policy for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you need to take out Contract Works Insurance or not depends on the project you’re undertaking, your role within that project and contractual obligations. Businesses who typically take out this insurance include property developers, civil contractors, trades and other related entities that need to insure their upcoming construction works.

Typically Contract Works Insurance won’t provide coverage for pre-existing structures on a jobsite. For instance, if you’re undertaking an extension of an existing structure which gets damaged during the process, this won’t usually be covered by your policy—only the extension will be covered. Other Insurances can provide cover for specific policy exclusions—such as Home Insurance.

Whilst Contract Works Insurance isn’t always a necessity when carrying out a construction project, in most instances it’s a good idea to take out a policy—regardless of whether it’s a one-off project. Most insurers that offer Contract Works Insurance will provide One-Off Contract Works and Annual Contract Works policies. To find the right policy that covers your specific needs, speak to our insurance brokers.

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