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Insure Against Cyber Attack

Does your business have a digital presence—whether it be an ecommerce store, website or social media page? Do you use digital technologies in your everyday business activities—such as email, CRM or ERP software? In this day and age, the chances are you’re utilising computerised platforms and systems to run your business; from online advertising to the fundamental back-end systems that enable your business to function. If these were to become compromised, what would be the impact? Cyber Insurance is designed to mitigate certain financial risks brought about by events such as cyber security breaches.

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Minimise The Impact Of A Breach

Wherever digital technology is deployed, there will almost certainly be vulnerabilities. As far as software is concerned, keeping on top of updates will help patch some of these vulnerabilities but they’re almost impossible to eradicate completely. Cyber-attacks are often designed to infiltrate these weaknesses and hold businesses to ransom. By gaining access to sensitive client details, financial information and intellectual property—amongst other things—perpetrators can cause serious reputational and financial damage to businesses both large and small.

Cyber Insurance can play a key role in minimising financial losses if a cyber-attack occurs; it shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for having suitable cyber security or an understanding of cyber risk, but it should help if all else fails. 

Typical Cyber Threats

Some of the common cyber risks Australian businesses are susceptible to include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security is the term given to a range of processes, controls and technology that are deployed to protect against cyber-attacks. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, cyber security efforts need to keep up with these changes, otherwise the risk of a potential breach increases.

Yes. If your business has any form of digital presence then a cyber-attack could occur; cyber security efforts help to mitigate this risk. Many small businesses don’t fully understand the risks around cyber-attacks and data breaches—after all there are only so many hours in the day! That’s why Cyber Insurance can also help. In the event that your business is successfully targeted, the right policy can limit the financial impact. For more information on Cyber Insurance, get in touch with our team. For more information on cyber security, consider checking out the Cyber Security and Australian Small Businesses report published by the Australian Government and ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre).

The main purpose of Cyber Insurance is to cover specific costs associated with electronic data breaches. Depending on your policy, this may cover the cost of notifying your customers of the breach, and any associated fines, penalties and litigation costs. It can also provide cover if the breach was caused by an employee.

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