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Free Financial Consultation

Is saving money or finding financial stability something on your New Year’s resolution list?

We have availability for you to see our financial planner for free, so you can head into the New Year knowing you have thoroughly looked at your financial options.

During your free initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, tell your story and get professional advice without any obligation. Our financial planner Ken Ryan, understands finances are very personal therefore his approach is considerate and authentic, leaving clients feeling understood and at ease. He can look at your situation, explore your options and whatever you decide, he can implement it. Ken goes above and beyond to help, taking real-time to listen and understand each individual’s situation. You can come away knowing you have done the best for yourself and your future.

Coast & Country Insurance Consultants specialise in insurance and finance for individuals, professionals, small-large businesses and tradespeople. We have been servicing the Central Coast for over 28 years and our focus is on building genuine and respectful relationships with all of our clients. We strive to offer our clients a seamless experience, working on your behalf in approaching the best insurers for yourself or business. When you talk with us, you are connected with a dedicated, local team that are proficient and has your interests at our core.

If your finances are a 2020 resolution or if you have questions around safeguarding your assets, superannuation, debts or loans, we would love you to book an appointment. Here, you can sit down, one-on-one with Ken and discuss all of your options.

Protecting our clients’ future is our passion, we are here to help.

“I have been with Coast and Country for 17 years. Ken Ryan has looked after us, our business, insurance, mortgages and investments. He is still looking after us and we are completely satisfied. A caring person and always coming up with solution to any problem, nothing is too much trouble for him. I highly recommend Coast and Country

Judy Hope.

“Ken Ryan is completely available whenever you need him. Whether it is to simply ask a question or to ask him to complete something, he is easy to get in touch with and seems to drop everything to accommodate. I have been with Ken and Coast & Country for 9 years and wish I found him sooner. I always come away feeling less stressed after chatting with Ken, knowing he’s got things under control.”

Brad Fraser

“Coast & Country deal with the insurance companies on my behalf & handle all enquires & paperwork. It’s great not having to filter through call centres & navigate confusing websites. I talk to a consultant I know & can rely on getting things done. Plus it’s just around the corner so I can drop in any time and talk to my consultant face to face”

Jess Hart

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General Advice Warning: The content of this article is general advice only and should not be acted upon without first consulting an industry specialist as it does not take into consideration your personal needs, objectives or financial circumstances.