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Insure Your Equipment & Machinery

How much would it cost in lost revenue if a key piece of equipment failed on the job? How about if that very same equipment was stolen—would it be difficult and expensive to replace? When key plant or equipment breaks down, gets pinched or is vandalised; the ensuing downtime and disruption to business can have a significant financial impact. Plant and Equipment Insurance is designed to mitigate this.

At Coast & Country Insurance Consultants we help our business clients find suitable Plant & Equipment Insurance based on their operations, needs and budget. Located in The Entrance, we assist clients throughout the Central Coast, as well as Australia wide. Call (02) 4334 3622 and organise to sit down with one of our experienced brokers & advisors today—you won’t regret it!

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Cover For All Types of Industries

When you depend on your plant and equipment to generate revenue, the last thing you need is unintended down time. We can help source insurance for all types of industries including:
If you’re unsure about whether we can find insurance for your specific industry, get in touch and speak with us today—we look forward to speaking with you!

Tailoring Your Insurance

At Coast & Country Insurance Consultants, we can tailor insurance policies and packages to suit your specific industry, business needs and budget. You can obtain cover for:

And much more. We can also source insurances to cover your business for items that don’t fall under Plant & Equipment policies, such as Contract Works, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Heavy Vehicle Insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Plant & Equipment policy will have its own inclusions stipulated—this can vary from policy to policy. However, typically if your machinery—such as an excavator—has been properly secured overnight then you will be covered if it’s stolen or damaged. Talk to our brokers & advisors today to find the right insurance for you with the inclusions you deem important to your business’ operational demands.

Each insurance company has its own risk appetite and exposure profile. This means that not all insurers provide insurance for every industry. Particularly with the major insurers, you may find that your business falls through the gaps. As brokers, we can assess offerings from lots of different insurers, including those that insure niche industries and non-typical businesses. Insurance brokers have the flexibility to shop around to try and find the right policy that covers your unique requirements.

‘Agreed value’ is a common term used by insurers. Under many polices, including Plant & Equipment Insurance, when your insured equipment is stolen or deemed a ‘write-off’, the insurer will agree to pay out based on its ‘market value’. An alternative to this is to agree on a pay-out value for your equipment upfront when taking out the policy. Doing so will typically affect the cost of your premiums.

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