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Public Liability Insurance Central Coast

Insure Your Business Against Public Liability

What would happen to your business if someone had an accident whilst visiting your premises? What if you’re carrying out work offsite and you happen to damage someone’s property? One of the main risks associated with operating a business is accidentally causing damage or injury to a third-party. Public Liability Insurance is designed to mitigate the financial risk of certain liability claims that arise during the course of your business activities.

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Is Public Liability Insurance Compulsory?

Whilst public liability insurance isn’t a requirement to operate most businesses, you will often find that not having it limits your ability to win clients and projects. For instance, most public tenders will require that you have Public Liability Insurance before considering your submission. Likewise when working with major clients or subcontracting for other businesses, Public Liability Insurance will be high on the list of must haves.

Having a general understanding of the risk your business faces, is important to determine what level of cover is most appropriate. Cover of $5-$10m will be sufficient for most businesses, however for those that are in higher risk industries, or deal with sizeable clients and projects, $20m+ is more common.

Product Liability Insurance

Where Public Liability Insurance provides a level of cover against third-party injury and damage whilst on the job, Product Liability Insurance is concerned with third-party injury or damage as a result of products that you manufacture and supply.

Say that a product you sell incurs a fault and causes harm to a customer, there’s a risk you could be sued and encounter financial loss as a result. This is the case for small businesses and global corporations alike. Product Liability Insurance would typically mitigate much of this financial risk.

Often, you’ll find that Product Liability Insurance is included within Public Liability policies, but not always. It may be beneficial to take these out separately. When speaking with our brokers & advisors, we’ll help you determine the most appropriate option for your business.

Product Liability Insurance Central Coast

Frequently Asked Questions

Different policies may have different coverage, but a typical Public Liability policy will provide a level of financial cover for: 

  • Injury or death of a third-party 
  • Loss or damage to third-party property 
  • Legal costs required to pay because of a claim 
  • Legal defence costs 


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No. The two insurances are quite dissimilar; Public Liability Insurance provides cover for third-party injury and property damage as a result of your business activities, whereas Professional Indemnity Insurance covers losses or damages due to poor advice.

A typical Public Liability policy won’t cover subcontractors working on behalf of your business. Where you do find a policy that covers your subcontractors, the premiums will usually be much more expensive. Therefore, it’s beneficial to ensure your subcontractors have their own insurance. If you require further information regarding public liability insurance, it’s recommended you contact an insurance broker.

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