Trauma Cover

How does Trauma COver Work

Trauma cover was developed in the late half of the last century by Dr Maurius Barnard the brother of famous heart transplant pioneer Christion Barnard. He based this on what he had seen as a doctor, when patients received major death threatening illnesses and had to try and not just survive the illness but the financial difficulty that came with it.

He thought if the financial part of all this could be taken care of the patient would have a far better chance of survival. He devolved the cover based on the three major threats of that time cancer, heart attack, and by-pass surgery and was assisted by the insurance industry to market it.

As the years went by more and more life threatening issues were added including but not limited to, kidney failure, severe burns, paraplegia and many more. Most policies today have up to 40 different possible events included.

The obvious purpose is to pay the insured a lump sum benefit in event of them contracting one of these debilitating diseases or injuries and give them a chance financially to stay on top whist they recover.

We can assist here to ensure you receive each and every benefit you are entitled to when purchasing cover along with an appropriate sum insured as covers and premiums can vary quite a lot.

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