What Are the Benefits of Seeing a Financial Advisor?

Everyone has different financial goals. But whatever your goals, getting advice from a qualified financial advisor can help bring you closer to achieving them. 

Seeing a Financial Advisor is not just about the future either, they can help with adjusting your current position as well as preparing you and your family for the years ahead. 

A Financial Advisor can help with

  • Protecting your income
  • Finding the right investment options for you, whether it’s cash, property, shares or a combination of these 
  • Save money and grow your assets 
  • Boosting your super, including considering whether making extra contributions or different asset allocations is right for you 
  • Getting your financial affairs in order 

When it comes to your finances, planning and strategising is the key to reduce stress and achieve your goals. Once you have set your financial goals, a Financial Advisor will help you map out a practical path to reach these goals. They will also help you understand the importance of protecting the progress you make. 

A survey by Investment Trends showed that people who have used a financial advisor typically feel better about their financial wellbeing, even after accounting for differences in wealth.* 

Whichever goals you have, a financial advisor can work with you to grow and protect your wealth. They can present you with a range of strategies and show you how they can help you reach your short-, medium- and long-term goals.

Preparing to see a Financial Advisor

When you meet with your Financial Advisor for your initial appointment it’s important to give them accurate information about your situation which allows them to tailor their advice to best meet your needs. 

An advisor will need information regarding your:

  • Personal details, such as your age, where you work and whether you are in a relationship
  • Assets, if you own property, shares, savings, superannuation, cars and other investments
  • Income, all sources of income from your wage, investments and government income
  • Monthly Budget, you can access a budget planner online to help with this

Good financial advice can not only potentially make you wealthier at retirement, it can give you present piece of mind that you have thoroughly looked at your options with a professional. 

Finances can often be hard to navigate especially superannuation, according to The Financial Standard “The first comprehensive review of Australia’s retirement system has acknowledged that affordable financial advice is what people need to navigate the retirement system.” 

This lack of knowledge could mean you are not utilising your superannuation and professional advice may be needed to achieve more confidence to use your assets efficiently. 

There is a common misconception that seeking help from a financial advisor is expensive and only for those that are exceptionally wealthy. However, if you are meeting a financial planner to talk about your wealth creation goals, it doesn’t matter how little you start with the advisor will meet you where you are financially at. Additionally, many advisors offer free initial consultations and from there you can start setting financial goals to grow your wealth.

*A sample of 1,863 Australian adults were asked to self-assess their financial wellbeing on a scale of 0 to 5. The average self-assessment score of those who have used a financial adviser in the last 12 months was 3.6, compared to those who have not used a financial adviser in the last 12 months which was 2.9. Investment Trends Advice & Limited Advice Report: August 2014. 
General Advice Warning: The content of this article is general advice only and should not be acted upon without first consulting an industry specialist as it does not take into consideration your personal needs, objectives or financial circumstances. 


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